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Generations of farming in the community

Farming has become a dying breed in Maryland but the Sunderlands have adapted and answered the call to keep their legacy alive. Bryan and Linda started this adventure to be successful, live out their dreams, and have something to pass down to their children. They have succeeded in these goals. They will tell you this is not easy but “when you have a dream, you have to try. You have to take a risk on yourself.” Now its Jake’s turn who is well on his way to creating his own dreams while continuing to build on the family legacy for his own children.


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The History of Our Farm

Bryan bought his 40-acre farm on Broomes Island Road at the age of 18 where he continued his farming talents to grow tobacco and produce.

In 1983, there was a significant drought in Calvert County forcing Bryan to find a job to supplement income.

In 1984, Bryan is awarded the “Young Farmers Award” for being the youngest farmer in the county at the age of 22.

Bryan and Linda bought their first two greenhouses out of the Pennysaver for $500. In this same year, They opened their produce stand out of the back of a pickup truck at the current location on Yoe’s Corner Lane.

This was the last year of the Tobacco Buy-Out when tobacco companies bought out all the tobacco farms with the agreement the farmer would not grow tobacco for 10 years. The Sunderlands never grew tobacco again but continue to grow their produce on the farm and expanded their greenhouse market to include growing plants.

Linda’s Produce Stand was handed down to the next generation, their son Jake. Jake has since grown the business further to what it is today. He is continually growing with plans to also hand down the family business to his own sons.

Linda and Bryan retire and completely pass the torch to the next generation of farmers by handing down Linda’s Greenhouses to their son, Jake.


What Our Customers Say

“We got our Christmas Tree there last time and it was a Great experience and really affordable. Really recommend them. Thank you all!”



“The best place for produce in the area! Not to mention the staff are incredible!”



“The freshest produce and friendliest staff. The watermelons are always the sweetest and the tomatoes and cucumbers are a perfect summer treat.”



“Wow, what a great variety and prices! Everyone was very friendly and were helpful too!”



“I’m telling you, they are the best! I ordered by phone and spoke to the kindest young man. He was very courteous. I love these people. I’ve known the family for quite a while, and you aren’t going to find any better people or product!”



Proudly Serving Calvert, St. Mary's, and Charles County Residents for over 30 years.

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